Jamaican “men” the Biggest Threat to our Society

As disturbing as these observations are, they are accurate. Until we acknowledge the need to almost completely resocialize our boys, there will be no changes in the safety of our girls. Let’s hope that shedding light on this reality begins the process

Jason's Voice

Her name is Chantell Whyte
The news read “24-year-old woman, shot to death by lover.” There was brief outrage that lasted as long as the length of the video that circulated on social media – mere minutes. It’s a story that has become all too familiar in the Jamaican society. As soon as this “outrage” wore off, people began to speculate on the reasons that could have led to this “man” shooting his alleged lover. In less than 24 hours a voice note started making the rounds on social media, seemingly in a bid to clarify and justify why this young lady was shot three times in the head. The number 1 narrative – women cause these things on themselves. It’s the kind of narrative that one can expect from a nation that is as violent and as abusive as Jamaica, especially toward women.

The 2016 Jamaica Women’s Health Survey

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