You Beta Not..

So, you think you’re an alpha male… Think you have what it takes to command respect… Not demand it, not whine petulantly that you’re not getting it, not browbeat or emotionally blackmail someone in order to get it. I said command – earn, warrant, achieve, deserve. If you think you’re the boss when a woman who needs you, requires you for her health, wealth or well-being is the one who has submitted you, then let me enlighten your darkness. You are not an alpha male until you have earned the respect and deference of an alpha female. If a strong woman, powerful in her own right, self-aware and self-assured, looks at you and sees her equal, or better yet, her superior, then and ONLY then can you strut (just a little) and be ascribed the term alpha.

I had the misfortune of coming across an article written by some little bitch boy who was complaining how (Jamaican) men don’t want to get married anymore because ‘women are no longer women’. Because feminism has made us angry and we no longer respect men. If you subscribe to this notion, I encourage you to return your reproductive ensemble and go work in a harem somewhere. It’s the most pathetic piece of prose I’ve ever laid eyes on and had it not been so puerile it would have been offensive. Feminism is the bane of the beta male’s existence. Not because of how it changes women’s ideals and outlook and attitudes, but because of how it reveals the many weakness in entitled men who expected to continue to offer nothing but mediocrity and expect servitude in return. Feminism provided women with the platform on which to finally stand and demonstrate what we already had. It did not change us, it empowered us and gave us a voice to declare who we already are. If that bothers you then I invite you to have a seat while the world evolves without you.

All that is now required, that has been expected, is for men to step up. We’ve evolved, so should you. We’ve grown and blossomed and flourished in the face of discrimination and abuse. We’ve learned to fight for our rights. We’ve learned, and are still learning to unite. We have earned success and power and wealth and fame. And, there is literally nothing standing in the way of men who want to be more. Our societies are still quite patriarchal. Men still have the advantage. The only thing eroding that advantage is cowardice. Here’s an example. A man goes to the gym, he’s reasonably fit and able-bodied; there are other men there, fitter and more able. He sees them as competition, sees their achievements as something to aspire to, something to emulate. He works hard, gets fitter, gets stronger. HOWEVER. A man works in an industry; he possesses the basic requirements for his position but he wants to climb the ladder. He has female co-workers who are more educated than he is or who have more experience. He sees them as a threat, something to be eliminated rather than emulated, something to be debased and derided and discriminated against rather than as competition to inspire him to become better. Because if the opposition is female he should not be expected to get better in order to achieve the same thing, he should be seen as better by virtue of his gender and be automatically accorded preference. That’s how it’s always been. BEEN…

But now, the alpha males and females in positions of power are no longer kowtowing to the beta male. He is no longer able to depend solely on the possession of a penis to get him up the ladder. The Good Old Boys Club membership is aging and dying. Now, he must have something to offer that rivals the qualifications of a woman, he must seek higher education, do better at his job, actually work to impress in order to progress. And he’s fucking terrified. Boo-fucking-hoo.

And THEN, with all of that, he expects to get laid, maybe find a nice little lady to settle down with, have a couple of kids. And now has to contend with these same women in social situations. Oh! The inhumanity! Again, the advantage of simply having a penis is lost. Days gone by that was all you needed, because having a vagina was a disadvantage. Women could be wooed by a man with a steady job, a decent car, a nice house or apartment because we couldn’t have any of those things. Not so much anymore. We’re not so much concerned about the material things. We can take care of all that ourselves. We don’t care what you own. Now, we care who you are. And sadly, we’re realizing that some of you are not much… And so are you.

So, you blame feminism. Because you think feminism made us more, made us stronger, made us less feminine. It didn’t. It simply allowed us to finally use what we’ve always had. What we’ll always have. The onus is on you now to improve, to match or even to exceed our achievements. The responsibility is now yours, to become a better person, stronger, more honest, more dependable. In the past, men actively tried to hold us back, tried to keep us dependent. We were marginalized and abused and taken advantage of in ways I care not to describe. We’ve overcome that. And yes, in a lot of ways we’ve managed to surpass you. But, we’re not trying to hold you back. We’re almost desperate for you to catch up. We want you to be our equals, some of us have no challenge with you being our superiors. But not because we’re less. Not because we’re weak. Not because we’re dependent. Never that. Never again. We want you to step your game up. Meet us where we are now instead of trying to drag us back to where we were. Get better, smarter, stronger. Find your fucking alpha! Or sit down and shut up. Please…

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