Bad Things, Good People

It’s one of the things most of us have pondered at some point. We  know amazing people. People who are productive members of society. People whose goodness and humanity shine from them like a beacon. People who are decent, loving, honest and kind. Good people. Then hardships come and we wonder, why. Why does it seem like bad things happen the most to good people?

Hardships come all our ways at some time or other in life, but there is something particularly heart-rending about seeing a truly good human being face loss and sadness and heartache.We want the best for the good people we know. We want them to be blessed and happy and successful. We want them to receive all the desires of their hearts. We want them to be joyful. But that’s not always the case; that’s not reality, that’s not life. So we grieve with them when the hard times come. We empathize, we sympathize, we cry and we rage. But amidst all the negative emotions, there is one other thing we must always do – we hope.

Because there’s always hope. This too shall pass. And the most uplifting thing in the midst of the worst of circumstances is this – good people are never alone. Because of who they are, because of what they represent, because of how they treat people, they will always have the love and support they need. There will always be those who will stand with them, stand for them and help them in whatever way is necessary to find their way back from any darkness. They are possessed of unbreakable spirits. And when it is needed, the love that they have and give is returned to them multiplied and able to cushion them and fortify them. Like phoenixes – from the fire of loss, pain, heartbreak, they emerge stronger, more beautiful of heart and mind and spirit and ready to continue on in life, overcoming negativity and transcending the base emotions that can drag so many others down.

So today, even as I grieve, I hope and I stand and I trust that this too shall pass…

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