The Alpha Encounter

We’ve all had an experience that strikes more than a little fear in our hearts. That moment when we encounter something unfamiliar, something we’re completely unprepared for. You may have heard of it, tall tales of a legendary creature whose very existence demands respect, but so rare that you never for a second think you’ll encounter it…

And then, one day, you venture out of your comfort zone, and unexpectedly come face to face with the real deal. It’s like meeting every mythological creature you’ve ever read about all at once. I had a recent encounter with one such legend and it was humbling to say the least.

Now, I’m not above tooting my own horn. I’m well on my way to alpha female status. I’m a work in progress but I’m constantly working. I shouldn’t be surprised then that an up close and personal encounter with an honest to goodness alpha male is what would almost throw me off my game. I’ve met a few guys who are on their way, working on themselves, making strides. But I cannot recall in recent memory meeting a true pack leader, a real powerhouse. In a later post I’ll deal with how terribly unimpressed a lot of females are with males right now, but right now, for those still uninitiated in the nature of the beast, let me enlighten you so you don’t stumble like I did. 

Firstly, the charisma is off the charts. His demeanor and attitude are what get you first. Laid back, comfortable in whatever environment, immediately engaging (if he chooses to be) and so very easy to talk to. It’s easy to get comfortable, and you may at this stage think you’re on even ground or worse, that you have the upper hand like  you’re used to. Beware…

After the conversation becomes more detailed, you will become aware of his level of accomplishment. He’s at the top of his game or very close to it. He’s experienced, ambitious and successful in whatever field he’s chosen. And he’s not done yet… He doesn’t see limits, he sees opportunities to climb higher, reach further, get better. He’s a doer and he’ll keep doing as long as he can. You’re starting to see and hear the distinct differences now, but you’ve heard the talk before…

If at this stage you are not fully aware of what you’re dealing with, the next stage will take you by surprise. We’re complex creatures ladies. We like to take our time, get comfortable, slow and steady… Be prepared. Be prepared to be totally blown away, by levels of charm, humour, intellect and sex appeal the likes of which you’ve never experienced. We take a lot for granted. As women we too often get used to having the upper hand, we’re used to being deferred to. We’re the gatekeepers and are usually the ones to chart the course. That all stops when you have that alpha encounter.

You’ll have a few choices really. Run, hide, refuse to acknowledge that you may have met your match and lose out on the adventure. Resist, struggle, refuse to give up the control you’re so used to having and end up in a pointless, tiresome tug-of-war. Or, compromise. Acknowledge and respect him for what he is, adjust your sails and entertain the possibility of a new course that may lead to the same or even a better destination than you were heading towards and enjoy the ride…





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