Better Than Sex You Say…?

We’ve all heard it. The family member/friend/co-worker who tries that new thing and when you ask ‘How was it?’ they immediately declare ‘It was (insert adjective)’.  And that’s fine. But sometimes, they don’t leave it there. No. They go on to exclaim ‘it was better than sex!’

To this very day, every time I’ve heard someone utter that sentence the only response that comes to mind is ‘What kind of sex are you having?’. Now I’m not an adventurer. I haven’t done it all, I haven’t been everywhere, tried everything. I’ve done some new, exciting stuff though and not a single, solitary experience has ever led me to utter that sentence. And you know what? If I ever have that experience, I’d simply take it as a challenge to make some improvements.

Seriously? Better than sex? I just can’t imagine it. If it’s a food, it’s always going to be the same ingredients prepared the same way. If it’s an experience, it’s always going to be the same method. If it’s a place, it’s never going to move. I mean seriously, look at this list

But you know what. Sex is dynamic (at least it’s supposed to be, so maybe that’s where they’re going wrong). Different places, different times of day, different temperatures, different positions, different…um… activities, different lengths of time. It’s an endless list of possibilities. So if you can relate to any of those things from the ‘better than sex list’, let me make a suggestion. Take an hour or two to yourself. Pour a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage. Sit back, relax. Reflect on life. When the first glass is done. Pour another. Now think, seriously, what kind of sex do you want to have. Be honest about it (you know it’s not always vanilla…). Let your imagination run all kinds of wild. And if you have/can find an open-minded partner, discuss it and for the sake of all that is good, do it! And if you don’t get it right the first time do it again.

Make it your goal to never ever have an experience that can qualify as ‘better than sex’. How? Certainly not by limiting your experiences. Oh no! Try that new restaurant, jump out of that plane (lunatic), deep sea dive (maniac), whatever floats your boat. But always make sure that you’re applying the same creativity and open-mindedness and enthusiasm to your sex life.


4 thoughts on “Better Than Sex You Say…?

  1. I don’t trust people when they say something is better than sex.. Sometime can be boring or quick but come on! Sex is incredible on many levels.

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  2. There was a valid reason our parents said ” sex is for adults” ….
    I can only think of one better than sex;


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