Hello World!

I’ve learned so many lessons in my 34 years. This new year has been no different. Each year I make a declaration of what I expect to gain. For the past 5 years, it has worked. Serenity and Surrender; Clarity and Awareness, Understanding; Choice and Strength; Completion.

This year is to be my year of Self – Development, Growth, Maturity. I’ll let go of what is not mine. I’ll give only as much as I receive. I’ll treat myself with respect. I’ll honour my expectations.

Typically I wouldn’t be inclined to share. I’ve always been afraid to blog for fear people would see too much of who I am. But I felt compelled to share my journey with my Facebook family and the reception and resulting encouragement was an inspiration. We have so much to learn from each other and should never forget that sharing a burden lightens the load. So I’ll use this medium to expand on what I’ve shared so far as I continue on what is nothing short of a spiritual journey.

There will be no statistics and analyses here. Just an open honest forum for sharing what is brought to my attention as I try to pay closer attention to life as it happens.

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