Fight Me!!

I’m sick and tired of the duplicity. Take responsibility.   Men view, talk about and treat women how they observe their mothers/sisters/aunts/neighbours/coworkers/wives etc do. I wish more of us would admit this. Women perpetrate misogyny by being in constant competition with other women because we’re socialized to value being attractive to and selected by a man, any man, over our individual and collective well-being, dignity … Continue reading Fight Me!!

Let Me Introvert Myself To You

Hi there! My name is Cheryl and I’m an introvert. Now, you may think you know what that means, and maybe you do but most persons are terribly uninformed about how this aspect of personality works. The very basic definition of an introvert is: a shy, reticent person. That’s a lazy, oversimplified yet pervasive definition. Many introverts are not shy. We converse easily – when … Continue reading Let Me Introvert Myself To You